Flat Roof Repairs Barnsley

We can offer a range of flat roofing repair solutions to suit your requirements.
The traditional method (shorter term life expectancy). 
This usually consists of the use of hot bitumen and layered bonding felt but even with advancements in felt quality and solar protection systems the life span can only be limited. Even the original method of hot bitumen and felt can be installed with the right workmanship and products to last to manufacture warranties.

Fibre glass flat roofing systems (mid term life expectancy) 
This is another form of flat roofing this system and involves the layering of fibre meshing and the application of resins to create a seamless hard wearing covering for your flat roof and as with the original flat roofing system can be installed with the right workmanship and application can last to the manufactures warranties.

FIRESTONE EPDM systems (long life expectancy) 
This system gives the ultimate in flat roof performance. Ethylene propylene diene monomer which is a single ply synthetic rubber membrane specifically manufactured for flat roof applications. It is designed to outlast ALL conventional roofing products from felt to fibre. 

EPDM synthetic rubber is the modern answer to the age-old problem of flat roofs. It is fitted in one piece the size of the roof so therefore is seamless, creating no weak spots on joints ECT. EPDM rubber will flex and resists all changes in temperature without cracking or peeling and is totally resistant to atmospheric pollution. Not a single drop of water will penetrate a rubber roof, think of all the other applications for rubber Wellington boots, gloves, diving suits etc. all kinds of applications have proved that rubber is the first impervious material that people think of as totally waterproof. EPDM is also unaffected by UV light and ozone's.
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Steve Lockheart, Highly recommended
Highly recommended
"Highly recommended, the lads worked hard and did a great job. Had a step built , half the house re-pointed and the tiles on the bay removed, insulation and breathable membrane added and all re sealed. Very happy with the work carried out and very impressed with their attention to detail. Clean, tidy, friendly and all work carried out to a high standard. Thanks Danny and Sean, will be using you for my next project."

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